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If you are having us build your web site, then it often makes sense to have us host the site as well. We take care of everything and are your single source when it comes to your web site. If there's ever a problem, we'll fix it. Other hosting companies can only tell you if their server is up or not, they will not go in and fix your broken code. But we will. Our prices are reasonable, our service is personal, and when you host with us we're glad to go in a make a small change here and there for no additional fee. We make things simple, just one bill each year for everything

News: New servers and new datacenter equals good news for clients.

You could go somewhere else

There are literally thousands of web hosting providers out there. You can go on eBay and find web hosting for $3 a month or go to a big provider and pay a $1,000 a month on a dedicated server. Most people don't know what to look for and often spend more than they need to (or too little and pay another kind of price). We'll find the perfect solution for your web site and it will be fast and reliable. We host the web sites we build and maintain so you can be sure we have the greatest interest in making sure that your site is up and running 24/7.

Where will your web site reside?

Our dedicated servers reside at a datacenter in Franklin, Wisconsin called CyberLynk. The datacenter has everything you would expect from a security and reliability standpoint including multiple internet connections, backup power generators, climate control, security monitoring and much more.


Web site hosting plan configurations Plan features
Windows 2008 R2 web server
Microsoft's most secure and world-wide leading server operating system. It's a premium operating system you can count on.
Dedicated IP address (as needed)
If your web site needs SSL security or has another need for a dedicated IP address, one will be given to you.
Domain name
One free domain name is included with every hosting account. Additional domain names are $25/yr.
Hard disk storage
Plenty of hard disk space for most medium sized web sites with the option to purchase more space. The space includes your email account storage as well. Storage allotment is a general guideline; if a client needs more space that typically is not a problem and incurs no extra cost.
10 GB
Custom email accounts
You can set up email accounts for your employees, sales, customer service and any others you need. SmarterMail web-based checking of email from any computer is available.
Monthly bandwidth transfer
Plenty of bandwidth to serve your web site to visitors today and as your site grows in popularity.
40 GB
Shared SSL for secure transactions
Accept credit card payments online in a safe and secure manner.
Dedicated SSL for secure transactions
Just as secure as the shared SSL certificate but this certificate secures your domain itself as in
Google Analytics reporting
Watch your traffic grow with this web-based, interactive traffic analysis tool. See where your users are coming from, what pages they are most interested in, when they visit and for how long.
MS SQL Server 2008 R2 database
A robust and enterprise database solution for large web sites and high traffic.
Perl, CGI, ASP, ASP.NET 4.0
All popular programming languages that are supported on the Microsoft IIS 7.5 server.
Email archiving
Automatically stores copies of every email sent and received from every one of your employees email. Great for legal protection or that email was accidentally deleted.
$125/yr per 5GB of drive space
Web site Search
Built-in site search that indexes PDF/Word documents, has spell checking and automatically crawls your site.
File backup service  [ learn more ]
Use our servers as a cloud-based redundant storage area for your important business files. We'll help you set up a nightly process to automatically mirror your local files to the backup area. This automated process will allow your files to be stored off-site in case of fire, theft or a computer crash.

Base price:

$200/yr (plus additional features selected above)