Small business file backup service

Store a copy of your files on our off-site servers for redundancy in the event of fire, theft, hardware failure or accidental deletion. It's easy.

If you run a small business, you must have a backup and recovery plan for your company's critical data. On one hand, you can choose to have no real backup plan and hope that nothing bad ever happens. Or, you realize that disasters happen in all shapes and sizes from files getting lost, fire, theft, to a natural disaster. It's best to get some data protection implemented so if any files do get destroyed or damaged for whatever reason you can access and restore from the backup with full confidence.

Traditional backup and recovery plans used by small businesses use physical backup solutions that need to be moved off-premises by messenger. This approach is rife with challenges such as being time-consuming, and inconvenient. Worse yet, there's a risk that the company's critical data will not be able to be restored when necessary (rather defeating the whole point of the exercise).

Our automated, online backup service electronically encrypts your data and then transfers it to our state-of-the-art data center. After the first full backup, only net new file changes are sent, optimizing transfer time, bandwidth, and storage space.

In today's business environment, data volumes are growing at an explosive rate. As information is the lifeblood of today's business, its protection is crucial. Cloud-based backup is one of the easiest and surest ways to protect your data and keep a copy of it off-site for redundancy. Our service eliminates common problems associated with traditional tape backup methods such as human error and media failure, ensuring that your data is recoverable when you need it.

Pricing details: 100GB of data storage for $300 per year
We'll set everything up and configure your server for you. Every night a process will run automatically that copies all changed files to the backup server (old files will be overwritten). Additional storage space can be purchased as needed.
Highlights: Benefit:
Personal Support: You are not alone. We work closely with you to install and support your business data protection solution.
Secure: End-to-end encryption during transport and storage ensures the confidentiality of your information.
Reliable: Disk-to-disk redundant arrays in state-of-the-art data center.
Time Savings: Automated process requiring significantly less manual intervention and administration (unlike tape systems).
Cost Savings: Decreased labor costs and elimination of hardware, media, and transportation and storage costs.
No Capital Investment: Yearly service contract requires no upfront hardware or software investments.
Comprehensive: One solution for all forms of business application data, including files, databases, video, email,, etc.
Rapid File Restore: Rapid and reliable recovery from disk (instead of relying on tape). Usually with one business day.