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How to configure SSL (secure) email on the iPhone or iPad

The following article explains how to check and send secure email through the SmarterMail email server. Follow the screenshots below to help configure your Apple device. Exact screenshots may differ a little from version to version of the operating system.

Webmail URL:

Username: Your full email address (ex:
Password: Password supplied to you
Incoming mail server: 
Port: 993
Outgoing mail server: 
Port: 465
Authentication: Outgoing mail server requires authentication
Authentication type: Password


Step #1: Go into Settings > Passwords & Accounts


Step #2: Select your email account


Step #3: Settings should look like this (use your email and password)


Step #4:  Selected "Advanced" at the bottom of above screen. When done go back to "Account".


Step #5:   Now from the "Account" screen select "SMTP" under the Outgoing Server section.


All done.