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How to setup IMAP in Outlook

IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol. The purpose of IMAP is to allow a client to have server-based email management. With IMAP, a client does not need to download and store its own messages. All messages can be manipulated and stored on the server.

Important notes:

Username/login: Always your full email address (ex:
Outgoing mail server:
Incoming mail server:
Port: either 587 or 25, try both if one doesn't work (it depends on your ISP)
Outgoing mail server requires authentication (important setting)

To setup IMAP in Outlook:

  1. From the tools menu -> select email accounts.
  2. Click -> add a new email account -> click next
  3. On the email accounts page -> select the IMAP radio button -> click next
  4. On the email accounts page -> fill out all of the necessary information. Be sure to put in the incoming and outgoing server.
  5. Click -> more settings.
  6. Click -> the outgoing server tab.
  7. (optional) If your outgoing server requires SMTP authentication, check the box labeled as such.
  8. Click -> the advanced tab.
  9. If your server requires a secure connection, make sure that those boxes for the incoming and outgoing servers are checked also.
  10. Click Save.