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Specializing in Wisconsin website design and development

Our experience working with varied clients and projects over the years helps us come up with creative and valuable ideas that will serve your business well. Give us a call at (414) 708-0777; we'll help explain all the exciting trends in technology and how they might be put to work for you.

Website design and development

Web design and development is the core function of our business. Whether your current site needs to be re-designed or you are starting from scratch, we'll advise you of the best way to make the most of the opportunities available. For complex sites requiring programming, we have a broad depth of experience that enables us to develop solutions tailored to your needs. We also provide marketing advice so you can be sure that your site will not only be productive, but will attract visitors and be easy to use.

» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)     » Web Application Development     » Ecommerce     » Mobile/Responsive Design     » Email Newsletter Design     » Social Media Profile Creation     » Web Site Maintenance     » Content Management Systems (CMS)     » Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)    

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Website hosting / email / domain name registration

If you are having us build your website, then it makes sense to have us host it as well. We take care of everything and are your single source when it comes to your website. If there's ever a problem, we'll fix it. Other hosting companies can only tell you if the server is up or not, they will not go in and fix your broken code. We will. Our prices are reasonable, our service is personal, and if a small change is occasionally needed, we are glad to do that for you at no charge. We make things simple.

File backup service: Store a copy of your files on our off-site servers for redundancy in the event of fire, theft, hardware failure or accidental deletion.

» Secure Datacenter     » Dedicated Servers     » SmarterMail Email Software     » Domain Registration     » DNS hosting     » File Backup Service     » Email Archiving    

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Graphic and logo design

A good website is important but it's crucial that the website, your business card, logo, sales video and interactive CDs all fit together. A common look and feel through colors, fonts, writing style and personality is the best way to build a strong brand that is easily recognized by all. That solid consistency says a lot about a company and creates trust and reliability in your clients. Let us help with all aspects of your marketing strategy.

» Logo Design     » Business Cards     » Flyers and Brochures     » Brand Identity     » Stationary    

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Content creation and editing

How are you coming across to your customers? Maybe you've already invested in a professional, easy-to-navigate website. But now, consider your content. You have something to say to your customers, and you need to make sure they're getting your message. What you say is important, but how you say it is, too. Readability, good grammar and correct spelling are essential when your company's credibility is on the line.

Need help? Turn to a professional. Consider having your message crafted by a marketing communications specialist, and to make sure your customers get the message!

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Video production (light editing / compression / conversion)

We are competent in compression and formatting existing video for website viewing. We also do light editing, cutting and joining clips with transitions, title screen music overlays and other general video composition. For more complex video creation or editing needs, we'll connect you up with a trusted professional videographer.