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Support and frequently asked questions

ProActive Design LLC takes pride in our personal customer support and strives to not only respond, but provide answers to customer questions quickly. For emergency needs, please call us directly at 414-708-0777 or fill out the form on this page. This form goes directly to our phones, including evenings and weekends!

Email setup instructions

Webmail URL (secure): or

Username: Your full email address (ex:
Password: Password supplied to you
Incoming mail server: 
Port: 993
Outgoing mail server: 
Port: 465
Authentication: Outgoing mail server requires authentication (your login/password)
Authentication type: Password

Configure phones and tablets

SmarterMail Video Tutorials



Please keep in mind that when you configure a 3rd party device or piece of software to check/send email you are partially relying on that 3rd party software and network connection and not our services. This may override our server and make you more vulnerable to problems getting email to recipients. If you have trouble sending email to someone, try to pull up the webmail interface and resend your email from there.